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I´m Marlies

I´m so happy and grateful to connect with you!

In this space with me you can:

connect to your inner wisdom and freedom the pure and gentle feminine way

receive guidance, balance and insights

discover and welcome again what the power of creativity and magic holds for you

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This is a very special offer from me to you where you will receive a personal reading via e-mail to learn about your current energy.

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 What other women say about working with me 

"Marlies has a gentle way of working with her symbols that is loving and incredibly nurturing.  The grounded space she creates is beautiful and a powerful forum for the symbols to work.  I particularly like Marlies' energy and her ability to channel the healing energies through to me.  I was surprised but the online space really does work.  I would highly recommend Marlies' work. Beautiful integrity!  I look forward to seeing how my session unravels."

- Jacquelynn, U.K. -

"Marlies gave me a very beautiful energy reading with her lemurian goddess cards the other day. I really enjoyed working with her. I love her gentle, compassionate and calm energy. She gave me insights about what was going on for me at the time, some of it I knew and some of it was operating at a subconscious level. The goddess symbols were very appropriate for me and all the information she shared was spot on. The advice she gave me was very helpful and I felt more relaxed and inspired after our online session. Marlies has a divine goddess energy and is highly intuitive, I recommend anyone to have an energy reading with her."

- Chloe, U.K. -

"I met Marlies at a 'Finding your Inner Goddess' workshop on a Sunday afternoon in London and adored the session and working with the goddess energy cards that I simply had to take the chance of a one to one reading. I find Marlies' nature to be simply beautiful, and this comes through not only through her reading of the cards but also the energy I gained even through a computer screen. All cards were spot on for the question asked and the messages given to me have continued to come to fruition over the weeks following the reading. I would love to work with Marlies again and would highly recommend the work of such a kind, soulful energy. "

- Rachel, U.K. -

"Having a reading with Marlies was a blissful experience. I was embraced by a very tangible energy and I felt at ease and at peace from the first minute. The session was via Skype and that did not make it any less effective. The messages from the cards were spot on and the way Marlies interprets them speaks straight to the heart and helps you re-frame any problem so it can be tackled with hope. Marlies work is so full of love and this makes her readings so healing and also an incredible spiritual experience. I would recommend Marlies to anyone interested in connecting with their own spirit and anyone who needs guidance on any situation. Thank you, Marlies! "

- Veronica, U.K. -

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