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Snowy Forest

Cleans – Relax – Ground



Come on a little journey in the forest with me:


Christmas and this festive season has a beautiful energy ready for us and if we stop for even only a minute and open ourselves up to this magical power we can experience joy, peace and hope.

Today come with me in the magical forest, where you will meet fairies and nature spirits, you will ground yourself and you receive some magical, cleansing and healing light bath.

Take 10min for yourself. If you have the time create a little space for you, light a candle turn on some music. If not just find a comfortable place where you can sit in silence by yourself.


Close your eyes, feel your body feel your breath and feel your emotions. Let it all be and let it all go.

Arrive in your mind’s eye in a beautiful magical forest. This forest is dark but you are not afraid. Its winter and you walk through the snow along a narrow path.

Enjoy this walk. With every step, you let go of any emotional and physical discomfort or any tension.

Fairies and natural spirits surround you and join you on your walk. Enjoy their presents and feel how your heart and your soul open up to this experience. A smile is showing up on your face and with every step you take you relax more and more … you feel how all the negativity is draining out of you and how it is soaked up from the earth beneath you.

Now you feel your roots growing from your feet deep, deep down into the dark earth of the forest. The earth of the forest is black and moist and your roots are growing deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger. You are still walking along the path and you feel grounded and connected.

You slowly arrive at a beautiful Christmas tree – there are no lights and no decorations but this tree is glowing with beautiful magical light energy.

You move closer and closer to this tree and you feel how it wants to connect with you. This tree is shining its light strongly and you move so close that the light reaches your aura.

You are fully emerged in this golden light and you enjoy it´s powerful and magical cleansing energies.

Take as much time as you need to connect with this light. Feel how your Aura is cleansed, your thoughts are cleared and your emotions released. Feel yourself relax more and more.

Let it all go and let the golden light fill you with love and harmony.

When you feel, you received enough light say thank you to the tree, the light the forest and the nature spirits and move your body slowly and open your eyes.

Enjoy the Christmas magic!


Other suggestions for you to feel relaxed and connected:

Today would be a good time to connect to nature. Maybe you have time to take a walk or create some special Christmas decorations with flowers and brunches.

Feel yourself grounded through the day.

Let any negative emotions and thoughts just flow away. You don´t need to hold on to them.

See yourself again and again bathing in the golden light during the day.



I´m ready to let go of what does no longer serve me.

I´m ready to receive the magic which surrounds me.

I´m grounded and relaxed.

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