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Mary Magdalene Healing Session

 Connect to your true self 


I´m so happy you are here and you are taking your step towards opening and cleansing your HEART and connecting to your SOUL.

Working with me will

◇◆  CLEANSE your energy body

and give you

◇◆  GUIDANCE from your heart to your soul

◇◆ BALANCE your health, career, personal life

◇◆ INSIGHTS how to live YOUR freedom and desire the divine feminine way.

We will release old blockages and look beyond the surface to heal and transform your energies

in this right moment. 

Working with me and the energy symbols is like talking to your own inner true self. You will get insights and guidance for what is supportive for you right now.

The energies will also keep on working for you into the future, as long as they are needed.



"Live your desire, shine your light!"

How we can work together:

☆ We can connect via Skype / Zoom or I can send you a personal Video Recording

- all of this options include distance energy healing

☆ The first step is for you to send me an e-mail with the question / situation you would like to work on. If you don´t have a specific question that is fine too just let me know. 

Please send me an e-mail via

☆ I´ll reply to your e-mail and we will arrange the time for our Skype or Zoom session or the video recording and you will receive my PayPal details.

What does it include:

1h 1:1 session via Zoom or Skype

Powerful Intuitive Distance Energy Cleansing and Healing

Your Investment for a 1:1 Session is: €120.00

For more detailed information I´m very happy to book a discovery call with you. Please contact me directly via E-mail or fill out the contact form.

Yes I would love to know more about my Soul Reading!

Thank you for your message!

I´m looking forward to experience your Magic.



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