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Live your creativity and light the

feminine way

Through the guidance of

Mary Magdalene


In this space with me you can:

         connect to your inner wisdom, freedom and

         Soul Purpose the pure and gentle feminine way

         receive guidance, abundance and insights through

         the energy of Mary Magdalene

         discover and welcome again what the power of

         creativity and love holds for you

With Love,



Meet Mary Magdalene in this FREE HEALING Meditation

Your Seed of Light

Connect to your Heart, Soul and Feminine Abundance and invite Mary Magdalene to activate YOUR SEED OF LIGHT.


 What other women say about working with me 

White Branch

Jacquelynn, U.K.

I particularly like Marlies' energy and her ability to channel the healing energies through to me.  I was surprised but the online space really does work.  I would highly recommend Marlies' work.

White Branch

Chloe, U.K.

I really enjoyed working with Marlies. I love her gentle, compassionate and calm energy. She gave me insights about what was going on for me at the time, some of it I knew and some of it was operating at a subconscious level. The goddess symbols were very appropriate for me and all the information she shared was spot on.

White Branch

Veronica, U.K.

The messages from the cards were spot on and the way Marlies interprets them speaks straight to the heart and helps you re-frame any problem so it can be tackled with hope. Marlies work is so full of love and this makes her readings so healing and also an incredible spiritual experience. I would recommend Marlies to anyone interested in connecting with their own spirit and anyone who needs guidance on any situation.

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