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January - The first energies of the Year

Happy January beautiful Goddess!


A Magical 2018

How are you feeling at the beginning of the New Year?

Have you already created a long list of things to achieve or are you still pondering over an unfinished business from 2017?

Let it all go! tells us January – as we are in a perfect time to rest, listen and let the new year open up to us within a place of stillness and peace.

The Goddess energies that support us in listening and opening up to the divine plan of mother earth and the universe are all related to our heart and our base chakra.

Open up to this energies with appreciation as you can connect to the big plan of mother earth. Open your heart and receive deep grounding for a good start and base for this magical year 2018.

This year we are surrounded by the magical and amplifying number 1. Especially January as the Nr. 1 month of the year gives us the opportunity to work with our positive thoughts towards a peaceful and fulfilling time ahead.

Never underestimate the power of positive thoughts as they can change your life.

Affirmation for January

"I rest, restore and receive"


Malaku´ha Goddess of LOVE:

Relationship, All-embracing Love, Affinity with creation, Unconditionality, Self-Love, Sympathy, Gentleness, Emotional security

Urule´ha Goddess of COMPASSION:

Energy of the Heart, Sympathy, Companion, Sensitivity, Contentness, Opening up one´s Heart

Lakany´la Goddess of PARTNERSHIP

Love in relationships, Giving and taking, Equality, Soul mate/Soul family, Recognition, Acceptance, Generosity, Honesty

Magenta Elohim Ray

Releasing deep feelings, connect to the inner child, co-creation, the new age

Green Elohim Ray

Healing on all Levels, Harmony, inner Peace, Growth, Liberation

Red Elohim Ray

Grounding, joy, developing strength and power, vitality, manifesting ideas and visions, discovering and filling energy holes in your energy body

* the Goddess Symbols I am using are from ©Ingrid Auer​

* the Elohim Symbols I am using are from ©Alchemy of the Heart ​

Love and Divine Feminine Abundance


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